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See five advantages of using Jira Service Desk as Hiring Tool and to build an efficient hiring and recruiting process.

1. Always Keep Track Of Your Candidates

Use Jira for candidate tracking. Tasks and the uploads of the important documents can be automated.

2. Securely Manage Personal Files

When recruiting, you will often receive hundreds of applications with different attachments. With Jira, managing these documents is much more comfortable.

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3. Create Your Custom Workflow

Jira is a versatile tool that can be adjusted to match the requirements of your hiring process and your team.

4. Measure Your Performance

Precisely measure the performance of your workflows and your team members with Jira.

5. Handle Onboardings

Finally, you can also use Jira for the on-boarding process for all your new employees. Additionally, your HR Team can spend more time reviewing candidates.

Make it work for you

Of course, not all recruitment processes are the same. Here are tasks on how we make it fit your individual process.


Depending on your needs, we can customize the Jira workflow and the individual intermediate steps. We offer the possibility to integrate extra steps into the workflow, to automate certain recurring tasks and to expand or reduce the size of the Kanban Board depending on your applicant volume.

Role assigment

Set up individual roles with clearly defined and specific responsibilities within your HR team. Using the workflow, you can specify authorized employees for various work steps, such as candidate screening or personal interviews.


XALT will implement the basic project framework for the Jira-HR-tool for you. As the project progresses, we will accompany you as a co-pilot until you are able to take the wheel yourself.

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